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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Coffee and TV

Three Days Post Op....I was still attached to tubes.

The cards! Covering my hospial room!


Thanks to everyone who texted me after seeing us on Midlands Today on Tusday. Wasn't Nick Owen's introduction sweet and Suzanne's comment after the segment was lovely too!

What was nice too was people could watch a 'webcast' of the show on the BBC's website so my friends in South Korea saw mum and I on the telly too.

Amazingly Radio WM called me and interviewed me on time anyone up at 7.10am actually heard me!

There were pieces in the Express & Star (hopefully another tonight as they sent a photographer round) and there should me something in the Burntwood Post as I wrote a feature for them.

Talking of features. If any one knows if the Express & Star used any more of my features while I was in hospital can you let me know....Then I can invoice them for payment!

I had blood tests at Sankey's on Monday...the results were sent off to Newcastle and I rang up The Freeman today and they had all my 'levels' in front of them....They had even sorted out mum's accommodation for when I go to outpatients in the frozen north on Monday next week - we just have to sort out train tickets now.

I think we will actually take the deocrations from the front of the house tomorrow. We left them there while the TV crews and snappers were there.

I did my first 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Its so much more interesting when the telly is in front of it. Or I have Green Day on....for some reason Green Day and the Kaiser Chiefs are great to cycle too.

I also read some of the cards again (last count 160 of them) I was especially touched by people thinking of me who I wouldn't have expected to (if that makes sense)

So welcome D'arcy to your new home across the road. (I think D'arcy is the new horse) Becki and Jess will take very good care of you. They are the best!

And hello Amy (the papergirl) thanks for the card and I am sending you a great big huggle!

I went to the Park Gate with Gary last night (its ok doctors, it was empty and smoke free) Everyone was so kind there too. I don't know everyone who signed the card but I am sure I know you by sight.

It must have been a good night. There was even a smiley Katewaitress there! lol

Oh I nearly forgot I had a lovely charry phone call from two 'blasts from the past' my cousin Roger (hiya dude!) and Yana (A Welsh personage who I knew in Korean)....heady days.

Well I will love you and leave you now. I'm a celebrity...get me out of here!

Music: Green Day, Kaiser Chiefs, We Are Scientists,


  • At 11:32 pm, Blogger Huw said…

    That's a chubby pill pot you've got on that table there. Have Creon changed their packaging?


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