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Monday, November 28, 2005

More Media Tarting


Just a quickie (as the actress said to the bishop)...Its been a day of media matters.

We did some filming on Cannock Chase and in the house for Inside Out to be broadcast on January. Midlands Today also came along and did some filming for tomorrow's editions. So keep thoses eyes glued to the box.

I have to say the camera people and reporters were great. They were very friendly and professional.

This is a contast to the radio people who always keep us hanging around, never apologise for not phoning us back and generally get things wrong.(Oh this is such a stereotype but...well...)

Talking of which I am on Radio WM tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7.10am.....

You can catch all the above broadcasts through the BBC website if you live outside the area.

Music: Annie, Nine Inch Nai;s, Dogs, Nine Black Alps.


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