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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's been a while. I have been expecting me!

Hello Blog-ettes...

From the start of 2005 I started writing this blog...

This was before Twitter and Facebook and I wanted to start an on-line diary of my life struggling, while waiting for a double lung transplant.

At that time, blogs were fairly new. My blog got me on TV, radio and the local press. I sold articles on blogging to the regional press and more importantly, it got awareness of what waiting for a double lung transplant could be like...

The ups and the downs, pre and post false alarms. the operation and the rejection; the transplant games ups and downs and the normal loves, lives, limits and longings of your average 30 something (now 40 something!)

It was my refuge... A way to express myself to an unseen audience. I could be narrating on a stage where the audience may be packed with people interacting and opinion forming - or it could just be a cleaner and a ticket seller.. does it matter?

For me the first part of the blog depended on audience. I wanted to express to people how my life was coming to an end and needed their help (by signing to be organ donors) to survive...

But the rest was an outlet... The way a lot of people outpour on Twitter or Facebook (sometimes too much!)

I know I haven't updated this much (because of Twitter and FB, people know what I am doing) - But I will strive to do more.

In the last year or so have done a 170k sponsored cycle, won a silver at the GB Transplant Games, (to follow my European gold/silver) had no days of work sick, been to Malta, Ireland, Tenerife, Finland, Sweden (about to go to Tunisia and Tenerife again)...

I have been increasing the use of social media at work. And been mentioned in The Guardian for doing so... Currently very busy with the USA Tomahawks Rugby League Team

So I won't go over any of that again... You can always follow me on Twitter  (yes, @Widneschappy is me) But I have missed the updates on here and looking at other people's blogs..

With the cold winter nights I will mostly be in the house and will have more time.. (in theory)

Tally Ho and RIP Lou Reed

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