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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am your Marhaba Beach!

Well I am back from North Africa - I missed a suicide bombing by a week and an earth tremor by a day...

Tunisia was fun. I think I had the right mix between relaxation and trips. I  went to the largest market in North Africa, a historical re-enactment and camel trekking (what happens in the desert, stays there!)

But it was nice to play petanque and chill by the sea. I met some interesting people to play cards and drink coffee and cocktails with..

It is a very Muslim society.. Women are obviously not welcome in waiter/bartender roles or as taxi drivers.  And there was an early call to prayer at about 5.20am (not good when you get to the hotel at 4am!)

The problems with a week's holiday (less, as there was a late flight out and early one home) - Is you get into the habits and relaxation of holiday mode and it is time to come home,

The day after I got  home I had to go up to Newcastle for my six monthly MOT..... My health seems steady but I haven't got all my results yet...

Then two days at work before a day our in Chester with Kay...  SO next week seems the first proper week back... Although those two days felt like ten!

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