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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Hello - It's been a busy old time. Since Christmas I have had loads of visitors and had loads of visitors, human and feline... I have rediscovered my love of old Momus tracks, been to a lot of gigs and spent a lot of time at the gym...

I am doing the publicity for the transplant racquets/table tennis event at Warrington/Widnes - and with my day job keeping me busy for at least eight hours a day, it's all been manic...

Health is on the level. I think the gym and table tennis is helping that, but I am  finding now I need a snooze after the gym. Or a strong coffee..

I love a Saturday afternoon with nothing planned. Exercise, sleep and then following football on Twitter!!

Well. I will write again soon. Promise. I may just have 20 per cent lung capacity but I have a lot to say. Follow me on Twitter @widneschappy

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