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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gym'll fix it!

Up and down few days... (Still recovering from Weston-super-Mare - what happens on tour stayes on tour)

STOP PRESS: Big problem with the house!

I was gazumped, someone put in a bid after it was taken off the market - THEN I found the loft conversion had no planning permission.. Its all with the solicitors at the moment - long story!

It is very stressful and I am sure this is one of the reasons my 'indicators' were down when I went for my Liverpool check-up at the start of the week...

Ironically my trip to the gym last night was very positive... So I felt good again.. And a good sauna session after my swim/walk this morning.. also good!

So, what's new? I had a good weekend. Caroline and I went to a lovely Italian restaurant in Crewe. I was recovering from the work night out on Friday in Widnes.

Crewe is much maligned (and misunderstood, to quote 'The Shamen') - just like Widnes - but has a lot going for it... mostly food and drink related...

Saturday sees Cannock Wood and Gentleshaw Country Fayre.... I hope to see some of you there!

Whoop Whoop (as one says!)