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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Loads of news (some of it actually me getting a NEW JOB!) But I have no time now.....Been working at village field preparing cricket pitch for next year and am knackered.

But please sponser Gentleshaw's answer to Indian Jones, Vivky Dunn who is doing Kilimmanjaro.

L8r shakers

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Widnes Wandering

Another quickie!

Had interview yesterday at Halton Council (Widnes - about 90 minutes up the M6!) so am waiting to hear tomorrow if I have got that one or not.......

Busy week ahead too with interviews, working at Walsall Council, computer course, a trip to Newcastle for check-up and my German visitor. AND I am going to see Sparks.

That is after a weekend of which some will be spent in Nottingham.....and then East Midlands Airport....Everything is very exciting at the moment in the life of Mark..

One of the things I will do in Notts is see a lady who wants me involved in a new music magazine being launched in the East Midlands....It's always fun to be at the start of these things...

For those who ask....There will be a finger buffet at the October bash...(for all those who enjoy eating fingers!)

I went to see Hednesford go top of the league the other day. Cool as.....(although not quite cool.)

Oh yes...The new edition of Transplant News (which I edit) is now can download it by clicking on HERE.


Please sponser Clare! Her link is on my previous blog! Mwah...... (I am not on a cut of her takings..honesty....and NO I don't have shares in her either!!!)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just A Quickie (ooer!)


Since I am manically preparing applications and for interviews I leave you with some top links (and some others) to be getting on with.

The lovely Clare (Clare-imanjaro) - is doing the Great North Run for Cystic Fibrosis- please sponsor her by clicking on this link....

My pics are still slowly getting put on and my chooons can still be downloaded for free at and while you are at it check out my neighbours' band at

I am working at Walsall Council two days this week, and have an interview at a council in Cheshire on Wednesday...but next week is the killer!

Katrin is coming over from German (yippeeeee!) But I have an interview at Staffs Police on Monday, Sparks gig on Tuesday, Newcastle Wednesday and Thursday and then a wedding on Sunday in Rotherham. I hope she doesn't mind my complicated life.....

I also have to fit in two computer training sessions in the next couple of weeks at Tamworth College.....aaaaaagh.

Oh and hello to Emma and her daughter Caitlyn (I DO live by my promises you see!) Well off to do the Village News before the pub shuts........


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blackpool Rocks!


Well where to begin?!!! Last week – gosh it seems like months ago. I had an interview for a job as a press officer at Wolverhampton Council.

It went well, and the people seemed nice, but the job went to someone with more experience…..But at least I got down to the last six….I keep plugging away.

I have more applications on the go and an interview in a week or so in Cheshire. I will keep you posted.

West Midlands Police annoyed me by emailing to say a job I spent a day and night filling out a 20 page application for - now did not exist….

It cost them about six months salary to advertise the job in the Guardian in the first place…..Staffs County Council did a similar thing recently.

That’s where our taxes go people into advertising jobs that don’t exist. Fools!

Well the cricket tour took place in Blackpool. But as we have a rule now that most things that happen on tour stay on tour I can’t reveal too much. -Just that it was one of the best tours ever.

Three nights were spent out on the town. The hotel bar didn’t close until breakfast.

We went to tacky bars, gay pubs, The Pleasure Beach, on trams, under benches, got chased by wierdos (yes more weird than us!) 70s and Aussie clubs. I thinkg it was safe to say it rocked!

Isn't there something marvellous about decayed seaside glamour? (Nod and say 'yes Mark')

In a short. 19 people. 4 days. 1 game of cricket (we lost but it was nice to score some runs..not quite back to me old form with a crap Sunday average, but my midweek average ended up at 30 an it has been 7 years since my last game! I think that is pretty damn good thank you!) and lots of alcohol….Now the detox!

I don’t think I have an internal organ still working and my feet have never walked so far (or swelled so much!)…

Back home to job applications, work to catch up on and invoices to write out….I couldn’t get Killers or Scissor Sisters tickets for love nor money either.

Can’t face the gym yet (ache still much) but swam 30 lengths this evening….It’s a start…..What do you want from me? Blood?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Halton and Miss Clarry

Two messages in one day - What is the world coming too?

I have just heard I have another interview - this time for Halton Borough Council (Cheshire).....

And I have just got some pics back from Sarah's 30th party which I thought I would share (me being the sharing type!)

(She is the one I brought to the cricket match that time and she left half way through, before I had even batted - tut tut)

Tootle Pip!

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye


Sorry for my lack of media tart-i-ness for the last few days.....My landline is down and therefore NO INTERNET - (You don't know how you miss something til it's gone eh?!)

Highlights and lowlights of the last week in no particular order include B'ham City v Hull (we were in the Hull end), Ellen's 18th (eventful!) and a cricket match where 13 people turned up for C.W.C.C and 15 were asked to (doh!)

I also fitted in a reasessment at the gym where I am doing alternative programmes each time so I don't get bored. My weight was up but fat percentage was down by lots and hydration and muscle mass up....So its good!

I know three people now doing the Great North Run so will put links to their sites when I next log in...But as have interview tomorrow and then going on a cricket tour to Blackpool for four days - it may be a while.

Add into the equation the number of job application forms on my floor and two manic kittens....well you know the score (hardcore)....

Our Sparks tickets have arrived (hurray) and realised they are more expensive than my flight to Prague (including airport tax) Go figure!

Hi to Belinda - a blast from the past from Tasmania who has tracked me down. Totally grateful. She is in contact with my ex housemate from Korea, Canadian Ian...

Music: Marc Almond, Scissor Sisters, Panic! At The Disco, Hot Chip

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Magners and Kittens

Dearest Beloved,

How goes it? Life with kittens is stressful.

They won't go in at night until THEY have finished playing, which means I have to stay watching the garden in case Mr Ginger comes.

M.G still comes in and terrorised them and I have now a good collection of rocks to throw at him. Eat dirt sucker!

It was a good meal on Friday at the Von Wests...I stayed over which meant I could partake of the odd beverage!

I have got an interview for a new job next week - the day before we go on our cricket tour to Blackpool - good job its not the day after as I would be in no fit state to sit an aptitude test!

Talking of the tour - did I mention our tour shirts are bright pink and we are staying next to a very gay sounding club called The Flying Handbag (oooer)

AND talking of cricket, although we got stuffed by Longdon last week (with a bagpiper droning in the background!) there was a lovely barmaid in the Red Lion - which made up for it!

I walked home from the Park Gate and could hear the liquid churning round inside me when I moved....very surreal.....

My biopsy all came back clear - so lets hope my lung capacity is up again next time - I'm sure it will be...

Sportswise I am still gyming and yoga-ing - but results seem to vary a lot from day-to-day. I can't explain it.

I have been invited to enter a volleyball competition over in Cambridge - I hope it's full of girls in bikinis - but more likely to be men in lyrca (uuurrrgghhhh!)

This week I have been very functional - ticking off tasks as I complete them. But there are never enough hours in a day....C'est la vie.

Thanks for everyone who has emailed be about my 'New Lung Party' - should be good fun.

Must go now......must miss rush hour (should that be two words?) - AND post some stuff before the P.O closes...(why are Post Offices full of people who smell like piss?)

Sparkliness to one and all.

PS: Try this UNOFFICAL guiude to Walsall (the place I commute to three days a week)..It is so wrong it's right (in a Leo Sayer or Chocolate Fountain kind of way!) CLICK