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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Toon Army, CT Scans and Snoring Men!

Click here to read my story which made the front of this week's Mercury!CLICK....

I am back from Newcastle....(Biopsy, CT scan, ward of snoring men, interesting people, knackered......)

The outcome of it all is my lung function is still down slightly and they don't yet know why. It may still be something I picked up from the building work.

But it is nothing they cant treat and there is no sign of rejection (good thing!)

I will write more later (as am at the council!)....Chill!) xxx....Off for a meal straight from work.....(must remember to pick up beer....must remember to pick up beer)...

(The supermarket is next to the prostiture area of Walsall....But I won't be picking up anything else but alcohol...!) Honest!

Congrats to Aunty Judy who is now a published story teller!

Oh yes...those Green Dream pics are still online. CLICK. To listen to my 'compositions' take a look at my myspace site CLICK.

Sunday, August 27, 2006



Creamfields was its usual mix of wonderful technoheads, clubbers from heaven/hell, rain and fine, hot, sweat and coldness unlimited. Prodigy and Zutons rocked, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and Ferry got us in the mood - and at 7am the next day Greasy Lil's on the A5 provided the food. Some pics to be getting on with.....

There were more Scallies than usual, more drinking and less drugs. So the atmosphere was not as 'happy' as it could have been. But we still had a great time and it really whet my appetite for the club culture I have been missing out on for the last couple of years....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Newcastle Blues

Hello Folks,

So what's new? Well I feel old. I had a good workout down the gym, (because it was raining and I thought the cricket was cancelled - it wasn't) then played cricket - all on Sunday. Monday I felt shit! Damn that treadmill.

I had a bit of a temperature. But as I was due to go to Newcastle on Tuesday left it for them to sort out....

They said it could be an infection brought on by all the building work in the housem, scarring tissue or slight rejection...

I am going back early next week for a biopsy - if I am still alive after Creamfields.

It was nice to have a meal with Sarah and sample a bit of Geordie life - but I would have rather not gone back to quickly!

I did have two interesting train journeys (to and from Burton) though....Lots of Scandis and people returning from V Festival on Monday - fat people on Tuesday.

While my room was decorated I stayed at Eddie's house. But I was at Walsall Council all day Wednesday and Thurssday so avoided most of the worst of it.

So I am hoping to complete an application for a job at Wolverhampton Council tonight before badminton - and getting back on the fitness drive tomorrow after my computer class.

See you after Creamfields and my biopsy.....Pain is SO CLOSE to pleasure eh?

Tootle Pip! (Great to see Villa above Chelsea in the league eh?)

PS: What a surprise - so many people managed to write their names and pass GCSEs this year. Why don't they just take the top 10 per cent of the year and give them As. the next 20 and give them Bs etc? It is ridiculous to have the exams so easy now. It also makes a mockery of all of us who took them in the 80s and 90s!

Book: Train Man (Cult Japanese novel)


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Way-Aye Mon

Hiya Folks/Folkettes,

It's gonna be a quick 'un! I was meant to go and watch the Transplant Games in Bath today...but decided 3 hours drive to stand in the rain wasn't my cup of tea.

Instead I went to Lichfiel and then got on well with a couple of job applicatins and brought my CV up to date. It was my day of taking the once-a-week medication which makes me tired.

So I avoided the gym and went for a long swim instead. I had the whole pool to myself for while. Then there was just Abi from the yoga

Tomorrow I am playing cricket in Yoxall (weather permitting) then on Monday and Tuesday I will be in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for my check-up. :(

Wednesday and Thursday I will be at Walsall Council's press office then next weekend is CREAMFIELDS...Me, Rich and Marta are going. Dancing through the night to so many bands will be incredible. Prodigy, Zutons, Goldfrapp, Gnarls Barkley...etc etc.

We hope to meet the 'Leeds (Sri Lanka) Crew' there too.....

The kittens are still gorgeous and creating. We are keeping them indoors at the moment because the sewerage people are working in the garden (big holes).

With the workmen working in the house too there is nowhere quiet at the moment. Good job I'm busy....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Me and Britney's bloke!

Hiya Bloggettes,

Well I'm sitting here at Walsall Council press office on a Thursday..... still dazed England actually beat someone 4-0 last night.

Andy Murray's 'victory' yesterday however must have been a fluke. He sounds more American by the day doesn't he....

Well I don't know why the Scottish claim him as one of them. He is less Scottish than Rudesdki is English.

What's new? I interviewed the man who discovered Britney and Justin, former MD of Jive Records, Steve Jenkins. Nice bloke. Talks for England....

He makes his pop stars bow down in front of a Walsall Station sign given to him by Pete Watermen y'know. Strange but true.

He discovered the Stone Roses and Steps as well....for his sins!

Day off Tuesday - so got on with job applications (endless) went to gym and met Victoria for lunch.

The weekend will be busy. I am probably heading off to Bath to take a look at the transplant games.....

The kittens seem to have recovered from being scared to death by fat ginger cat from no.11 last week...But he came and shit in their bed this week.

I now have rocks and a water pistol by the back door. I will get him with one or the other....Soon he will be even older and they will kick his fat ginger ass!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life and Grime

Hello Folks/folkettes,

How art thou this fine morrow?

First of all an apology. Sorry for not mentioning it before but OF COURSE everyone I work with is a babe - it goes without saying.

Thanks for all the comment on the last blog. Its nice to know people are reading it.

Portia has been a 'problem' cat this week. Nasty Ginger (the foul smelling, dirty cat from down the road) scared her and she took til 5am to find her....on a nirghbours roof.

This was the night after we lost her on our roof and couldn't coax her back in. I was this close to putting the kittens on eBAy! lol

This week I was filmed by the MA student and her daughter. They were very nice and it was quite fun. UI was filmed on my bike, playing badminton, at the gym....gosh.

I also spent a couple of days at Walsall Council's press office. I desicded one day to spend my lunchbreak swimming in the 'brine' baths over the road from the office.

Unfortunately they should be renamed 'Grime' baths (thanks to Dan for that one!) The changing rooms were mucky, the pool itself was full of kids and it cost £3.15...

On Friday I met up with Dave B for lunch in Stafford and then went to V and C's for coffee - all very cordial eh? If I was a lady I could be one of the 'ladies who lunch'.

Apparently the hotel we are staying at for our cricket tour this year is on a gay website.....So we are having our new team shirts done in pink (all true!)

The gym is going well and I am still improcing my times and distances. I don't know whether I will be up to the standard to do the 'circuit' - got 3 weeks left!

My PC came back from being repaired yesterday. (A: drive still not working!!!) So I am well behind on the TSN magazine stuff...

"Don't get taken in by a suntan and a grin"...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A 39th, 80th and a Blue Mango!

Hello Bloggettes,

Well its been a few days since I graces you with my presence eh? (Hurrah goes the cry from the nation!) But I am back again (with the renegade master?)

Sorry this is short (another round of applause all round!) but my PC is being repaired tomorrow and I have to pack it all up tonight….So am trying to finish as much of the Transplant News magazine I edit which I still have a PC!

So how are we all? I had the dubious joy of watching Hednesford Town actually win a game, had my first ever filling (but the dentist was a babe so I didn’t mind), did some stuff at the BBC and Walsall Council and went to a 39th and an 80th b’day do.

Well if that isn’t busy I’m a Dutchman…..Well ok, my ancestors DID actually come from Holland so I suppose it’s a bad example!

At Walsall, as well as the lovely Tony, Dan and Hannah I was working with a girl called Eve on Friday – whose friend actually had a double lung transplant three weeks ago. Strange but true!

I have a lovely mother-and-daughter film crew visiting tomorrow to do something different (which should be fun!)

I am practising for a kind of mini triathlon thing at Cannon’s.

It is where you can do it any day but have to do each event in succession with basically no breaks– 8km on bike, 5km on crosstrainer, etc etc….But I only have five weeks left to train.

But I went on Saturday in a very positive state of mind, but forgot that I take a once weekly drug on Saturday mornings which leaves me lethargic for a couple of hours.

So I actually did LESS that I normally so….At least I felt a bit better by the time I got to the pool so did a few lengths (ooer) and hit the sauna! I actually had the pool to myself, which is a rare luxury!

I found out the good looking girls from the yoga class actually go to one on Tuesday mornings….and, guess what, I am not working this Tuesday morning….idea brews.

Went out for Sarah K’s bday in Brum on Saturday night. Went to a restaurant called Blue Mango – expensive but nice – and hung out with the beautiful people (posers) at The Bank (a cocktail bar) and some bars near The Mailbox….

At the BM we had a gorgeous Eastern European waitress and a sour-faced Asian one.....Guess which one we gave a tip to children!

I woke up in Great Barr (a place, not a description!) and had to drive home because I was due at a due in Sudbury (Derbyshire) Sunday lunchtime…..hence I’m knackered.

What other news? I have a Korean friend coming to visit in October, which I am fairly excited about……Better practice my cooking or she won’t stay long!

Tootle Pip!