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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Media whoring

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Knees up and Dutch courage

Well folks I am  European Champion in my age group in table tennis singles - I won the gold at the European Transplant Games in Apeldoorn, Holland last week.

I almost didn't go! My knee was still stiff until the day I left.. But it eased as the tournament went on (lots of painkillers and coffee to counteract the sleepiness they caused)...

But in the end I won the gold (and a silver in the mixed ages doubles) - and had a great time (as I always do at such events)

Everything is tinged with sadness that I haven't go the lung capacity of everyone else there and I can't play  badminton and volleyball like I could when I had recently had my transplant.

But I made new friends (including Marilyn, Peter, Gemma and Gerrard - and met old ones -like Paul, Simon, Kez, Jane and and opponents like Gabor.

The hotel was lovely, in woodland. BUT it was 10 miles outside the town and not many other teams were at our hotel AND there were steep steps to the chalets and no lift!

Stupidly I didn't pull out of the athletics and limped over the line in the 100m - And by the time of the gala dinner that night I was good for nothing....

I had to have a  buggy to take me to the airplane gate (57!) at the airport...(former footballer Phil Thompson was on our plane btw)

Back to work was a struggle (I couldn't manage to get my suit  on for the first day) and I still haven't unpacked fully. But I am doing the exercises the physio (Kelsey) gave me and think it is improving every day...

I want to thank our Dutch hosts who put on a range of  event for us including a morning of petanque, traditional Dutch games evening and a BBQ x

To the next challenge my friends...

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