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Monday, July 21, 2008

H208 and nights out late

Hello Folks,
ALMOST 25,000 seperate hits on the blog now! Many thanks!

Well it has been a busy time in Mark towers..

We had the H208 festival a fortnight ago (see with a range of activities including It's A knockout, some great bands, free falling, extreme sports and displays from our twin towns...

It was two days hard work - but ended in a pub crawl, which helped ease the aching feet!

I was set to have worked 12 days in row - but we had two days of strike last week, which borke it up. I had never been on strike before.. (bless) so was looking forward to it..
On the Wednesday my friend Wendy and her little 'un Sophia came over and we went to Crosby beach to take in the air and look at the statues.... Kids love beaches don't they...

In the evening mum came up from Staffordshire and we went for an Indian meal. The waiter remembered us from the last time she came down - I was very impressed..

On the Thursday it was pouring with rain - All these UNISON members with time on our hands and stuck with daytime TV and Speke Retail Park.

This weekend I went to Walsall on Saturday to meet Sarah for lunch at The Wharf 10 - Where Akbar and I used to hang out. Then to the New Art Gallery where the lift voice is Noddy Holder.

It was the 18th of a sister of a friend and I ended up in Reef Bar covered in glitter and stars (thanks Aimee for that!) - Another 3am finish...

Good to see us oldies staying out to the bitter end eh? Now dreading seeing the pics on Facebook.

I still have The Proclaimers in my head - LET THEM OUT PLEASE!

A Bientot...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Linkin Park and Widnes wanderings

Hello thee,

Well. Last weekend was a fun one.

I went to Cannock Wood on Saturday for some drinks at the Park Gate with the usual Saturday suspects... Then it was time to hit Milton Keynes...(which I did, with a hangover..)

Parked in the disabled parking, which meant it was a nice short walk to the bowl.... It was a great day. The Bravery, NERD, Pendulum, Jay-Z, Linkin Park.... What a line up eh?

I frizzled in the heat though... I went red, then brown then started peeling...

I went to a first check-up in Liverpool (I am changing the CF appointments from B'ham) - It seemed very professional there....

My breathing tests showed my lung capacity is still not back to its levels of last summer, but it does seem to be going back up again...good thing... We shall see..

I am finding the gym and swimming slightly better. But this week I have only been swimming twice, three times I didn't get up in time after a bad night and opted for the gym twice..

When I did go swimming I swallowed too much water one day and felt rotten one morning... But I am persevering...

On Friday was a leaving do from work. Sad to say I stayed out til 3am - first time I have done that in a long time.. With I had the energy to dance more though...

Well next weekend is the H208 youth festival and the final of Halton's Got Talent (on which I am a judge) so... the world comes to Widnes and Widnes awaits....



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