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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Marc Almond lived here!


Busy week as par usual. I think I went to the most boring photoshoot in the history of the universe....went swimming three times (increasing each time!) and went on my physio walk.

I have done more steps each of the three weeks I have been using my pedometer....

When I do go swimming (which I find the most boring exercise ever invented) I do feel excellent for aged afterwards so try and utilise this by walking around ASDA or the town centre (even if I don't need anything!) - I wish the feeling lasted!

On Friday however there were too many splashy kids with their tattoo'd dads Is it compulsory to have body art when you father a sub-normal sprog up here? Hmmm.

Went to Southport with RCCA on Tuesday. We got rained on. and sheltered in the ironically named Funland.....

But we did get coffee served by a family of in-breds and fish and chips with a group of foreign people who wanted to know what mushy peas were - (don't bother, we told them!)

If this was their first taste of the UK - God help them!
Why were there no cafes by the sea (which was miles out!), just McDonalds and a bowling ally. I later found out Southport were crashing out of the Coference at the exact time we were there..

But afterwards I did my 10,000th step of the day - the first time since my records began I had done more than 10,000.... In fact I took a picture of it I was so proud....see above!

What else.....Well I am back in Cannock Wood now as I am striving to finish everything for the Transplant Suport Network newsletter this week and still have no laptop at home in Widnes.
I am still looking on-line and will get some point. But if I get one it wil probably go wrong. I went into Lichfield today to take my iPod Nano back to Curry's..
They don't take them in - I have to call a courier service to pick it up and deliver it. But in Lichfield I did run into Jennifer C (I was gentle!) - which is always a pleasure....

Well I will love you and leave you as this newsletter won't write itself - and there is only so much I can do in the mornings at work before I swipe myself in - a bientot!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh no....More media whoring....

Article in Hold The Front Page magazine CLICK
Artilce in the Widnes World CLICK

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dragon Killin', Ak and The Wharf


Well I am starting to feel a little better. Whether it's the swimming and pedometer stuff, my body getting used to a reduced lung capacity or the carbon monoxide getting out my system (detox-fest) who knows.....

But today is Sunday...and its gonna be a busy one and I'm 'entertaining' later.... So famous last words!

Happy St George's Day to one and all for tomorrow. I hope everyone goes out and had a drink this weekend - Let's show Paddy how it's done!

I am a little weary as I was doing stuff on the PC then watching England's amazing match v West Indies (That's cricket for you Phillistines!).... Fantastic game. I was glued (not literally glued, although I do like the smell of glue, as long as its not made form dead horses!)

Well. Another busy one. I saw my GP on Tuesday for the results of my blood test (he was a little confused and kept gong on about a 'diabetic diet' but I humoured him....)

I had a 'flexi day' on Thursday, which is not some kind of yoga (!) but a kind of day off in lieu... (that's a word I can never spell!)

I went swimming (it was brat free!) and was functional. I did a supermarket shop (didn't buy any supermarkets), hoovered the car (how suburban), went to the florists.....and just pottered.

I also went and had a haircut. And was in there at the same time as a reporter (Holly) I knew from one of the local papers - small world, (but I wouldn't want to paint it!)

(Oh and Sarah and Kirsty. I did that 'thing' I was telling you I was going to do! - D-day is on Tuesday... xxxx)

I was mentioned - although not by name - in a letter in one of the weekly papers. The normal shi*t about how council tax pays for a load of PR people and accountants.

The person asked if I got a 'warm glow' when I put out a press release about someone having their house re-possessed....

Firstly. If it wasn't for us press officers the council arranging PR campaigns, press releases and photo shoots etc the council would have to spend thousands per week on advertising to get events in the media.....and pay outside people to write the council magazines.

Also. We have to make sure people know what happens if they don't pay the tax. Re-possession is only a last resort. It is news because it happens so rarely. So put that is your pipe and smoke it 'Ruffled from Runcorn'...

Enough ranting! I have also been busy as the next issue of Transplant Support Network's magazine is due yesterday!

On Friday was had a dress-down day (not a dressing down day, which wouldn't have been half so amusing!) and those sort of days never feel like a work day.

I went back to Cannock Wood in the evening. I am cat-sitting. It is their 1st birthdays and Emily and Beth from next door brough round a cake in the shape of a mouse....bless.

On Saturday I went swimming in Burntwood - or tried to. It was so full of kids I gave up. I went over to Erik and Diana's for lunch in Willenhall and then met Ak in Walsall - his Sikh/Spanish wedding is coming up.

While we there sitting outisd the Wharf Bar (by that grotesque new art gallery) we saw a fisherman cast off and catch a little girl in the face with his hook. It was pretty nasty.

I came back to the village and caught up with Stumpy and Garage (just like old times!)and we sat on a wall watching the horses and talking about girls. Just as we always used to do!

Well today I am going to try and finish the village news (breath)a poster for the summer fayre and do some more for the Transplant Support Network before meeting the usual suspects and my cousins at lunchtime (breath) and hopefully getting back to Widnes to catch my interview on the Roger Phillips show (breath) for 5.30pm...... (deep breath!)

Don't laugh too much at my accent (the Scousers tell me I am very Brummie - bless them) and well done all of you. We are pushing 18,000 hits on this blog now....In true Oscars style ' I couldn't have done it without you!) xxxxx


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Park Life


Long week. I did a test and found carbon monoxide in ny house – but the offending appliance has now been dealt with and punished…so visitors are still welcome.

At the weekend I went to see Dan and family at Newton Le Willow (about 12 miles away) and lost money on the National.

Did you see all the Scouser ladies on the TV - how orange???

I read Dan's son little Joseph a story about Maisy the Mouse’s Christmas – very seasonal. I think he is an intelligent child..

Sunday I was practical and bought a car vacuum and went for a long walk in Victoria Park and people watched in Victoria Park…..It was hot and I took in a Starbucks…..

I'm very pissed off the new cricket season has started in Cannock Wood and I can't take part. NEver mind - big up Widnes massive (whatever that means!)

Sunday 5.30pm I am on Radio Merseyside, on the Roger Phillips show. Apparently my accent in the promos for the show is sooooo Brummie.

PS: Went for a meal at the Four Topped Oak in Widnes.....check it out...

A bientot

Click for Radio Merseyside link CLICK

PPS: Sarah.....still haven't done the deed we were talking about - just wating for the right time!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

From Widnes Library...with love!

Hello Bloggettes,

The picture is here because I am sitting in Widnes Library and the library assistant is gorgeous!

Easter break was good. Caught up with a few people and booked a weekend for Sarah and myself in the Lakes - taking in a friend of her's wedding

So what's the news. I have been taking 'young people' around radio stations and on the streets, canvassing to get people to get on the electoral register.

So I have started speaking all street. ' side....down with my niggaz in the hood!' etc etc. (not really..and if anyone knows what all that means please let me know!)

My cold is not as bad as it was. So I have been buiding up the swimming again. Although it has been hard...and I am feeling like death warmed up when I get home in the evenings. But it's/I'm worth it!

Hey people. The Pet Shop Boys are playing at Wolvo Civic on May 25th. I think Mr F and his better half will go - let me know if anyone else wants a ticket...

So what else has been happened. It's a short week but hasn't felt like it. I have been unusually busy...
Oh yes. I had a one month ESTIMATED electricity bill for £175! They estimated based on the first day I was in the house and multiplied it by 30.

The first day I was in I had the electric fires on all day to warm the house - which hadn't been lived in in months - through...

Try getting through to British Gas to complain - How many automated tones?

To confuse matters more I am not even with British Gas any more - as I went on u-switch and found a cheaper supplier! Oh the joy!

I actually have a free weekend this weekend. JOY!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

If rain makes Britain great, then Manchester is greater!

Hello Bloggeddears,
The picture is for anyone who loves the idea of a penguin! :)

Well it seems a long time since I updated the blog! SO what has been happening in the week?

I went to Manchester on Wednesday to see Rebecca (who I worked with on the Newsletter) and the on-line people at the BBC...It's always good to put faces to names!

PURDAH is in place before the local elections. Which means we have to be very cafeful not ot quote councillors and try and steer them away from photo ops!

(This is to make everything fair, because by promoting the councillors we would be promoting the Labour group...)

But we are getting round it well. This week we are doing a lot of stuff with members of the youth cabinet and a campaign they are having in getting their peers to be on the electoral register. NEVER work with young people or animals...

I managed three lots of swimming at Kingsway and was feeling quite good by Thursday. I came out the baths (after I got changed of course - me in swimming shorts would do more than the chemicals for distorting Widnes-isans) and walked to the library, and ASDA and back to my car at Kingsway.....

I am finding a real feel-good factor for the few hours after the exercise...

But by Friday morning (back in Staffordshire) I was full of cold (not good for a transplant patient going through chronic rejection!)...I went into Lichfield through necessity...wearing the trusty pedometer...I bought the new Erasure single. (It's a return to form!)

On Saturday I went to PC World to buy a lap top only for the last one of the model I wanted saold to the couple in front of me in the queue....bah.... They were pushy so I had let them go in front of me in the first place - Mark learns lesson #1.

I saw an old school friend Andrea on Saturday afternoon and then got fish and chips (the first time in months!) It is strange how F&C are being re-branded as a health food now.... What next? Jade Goody as emabassador to India?

It is now Easter Day - Hurray! - and am going to meet another old school friend in the pub tonight - if I can shake this cold! Haven't seen him for years. Will I recognise him?

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Chester, Unicorn and Spike!

Hi Folkettes,

I made a last-minute trip to Chester on Friday night to see Dave and his mates. We hit the Telford Warehouse for Liza's birthday...

(There was a band on, whose names I have already forgotten, but all memebrs wore white jeans that were gagging to be stained with red wine!)

On the way back to the flat at 2.30am we passed the place there had been a stabbing the night before. It was swarming with police......

The others had to follow it up for their papers. I am SO glad I didn't...The joys of PR - 'the dark side'....

Got back Saturday afternoon and was on autopilot! I am glad I managed a night of clubbing for the first time since my body started rejecting my new lungs - good sign methings..

Caroline was coming for the afternoon on Sunday and had to get out of the house Sunday morning so went to ASDA...I didn't really need anything, but bought some wine! (Wino!)

I saw the lovely Gemma O in the car park. But I looked and felt like I had only just stopped drinking...Bet I looked a right state! How surreal...Bless...

Caroline and I went to The Unicorn for lunch (which was lovely) and then went to Spike Island (the scene of that famous Stone Roses gig ) and then to Victoria Park for Starbucks.

Back to work for a rest!

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