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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hypno election fest

Hiya Bloggettes,

Well it is election night tonight - and I will be up until about 3am probably at the county and back again tomorrow for the local count...

Looking after the media is fun on election night - but not a good earner. If you work it out its probably about minimum wage...for the extra hours!

When I tried to vote they had no recoprd of me.. I had to get my polling card to prove I exist... Democracy eh?

I had hypnotherapy last week... I have been doing some publicity for the new service - which has started at the Stobart Stadium, Halton - so I got a free session...

It will hopefully give me more energy and help me to relax - we will see...

Busy weekend with a curry in Penkridge, Manchester City v Villa in Manchester and then drinking in Handforth- The Bull's Head and The Freemason's Arms - usual hangouts!

This weekend is a Sarah weekend - so hoping to chill with wine - if I can stay awake after tonight and tomorrow's fun!


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Election fever.......

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