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Monday, May 26, 2008

Aussie reunion and Simon Growl!

Hello Bloggettes,

How's it going in cyberspace - Well by the time you read this the article on me will have probably been in the Daily Mail - so wish me luck!

Its been a busy one. Sorted the open top Frank Sidebottom tour, insurance for Berlin (its a nightmare when you've had a transplant you know) and London arrangements..

Work night out on Friday - balti - can't go wrong with one of those and Saturday I planned to do nothing - but you know me, I can't do went to Formby (I seem to go to places which share their name with people, Crosby, Morcambe etc!) - to see the sand dunes..

It cost £3.70 to get onto the car park and then I was so knackered walking against the wind and the sand to get to the beach - I just sat down for a while and came back to the car... Didn't even do the squirrel sanctuary!

But in Formby itself I found a signed copy of a Mel C album for £1.99- which I hope will sell on eBay and pay for my day! (Which included another £1 town parking, an expensive latte and a lost £1 coin in the coffee shop!) - never mind at least I got some sun!

Sunday I drove across the moors to see Louisa, Helen and Niels - the reunion! We all worked together for the same marketing firm in Sydney, Australia...

Louisa - being a Yorkshire lass - cooks a lovely Sunday roast - and we had these funny ice-creams that have space dust in them (popping candy to you Yanks!)

This morning was a rush. Went to Speke to buy a suit, took longer than imagined and by the time got home - via the Polish car wash place - Kate was waiting for me!

We chewed the cud over too much coffee (or not enough!) - It was great to see her. She doesn't really change...good thing..

After she left I went to the gym - wasn't in mood for massive session (when am I?) But beat my record on the arim treadmill thing (like a set of peddles you operate with the arms) so I was happy..... An evening of sorting and putting the Ipod through the speakers on shuffle methinks!

Tomorrow I am judging a talent competition - Halton's got Talent - with my voice at the moment it will be less Simon Cowell, more Growl! I dread having to tell the little ones they haven't made it to the final and risk the wrath of their parents!

Then on Wednesday it is off to London for the Breathing Life Awards (with my new suit, mum and Sarah!) Wish me luck! Full report to follow!

Take a look at our Halton Borough Council website CLICK
And of course for info on the Breathing Life Awards CLICK

And look out for me on Sky Real Lives on Sunday (June 1) x

A bientot! xxx

Friday, May 16, 2008

Decayed seaside glamour

Hello Blogettes,

How is it going in the real world? Cyber Mark has been full of cold and stayed in last weekend - but by Sunday I had cabin fever and needed to get out...

(As well as the fact I had been eating so much garlic, onions and fruit and needed to escape the kitchen!)

I hit Crosby and saw all those statues on the beach - the place is only about 30 minutes away from me and is gorgeous - lots of clean sand and cool water...

The sun was shining and despite feeling grotty I enjoyed wandering along the beach..

By Wednesday I was feeling better and met Rebecca for out dose of decayed seaside glamour - We like hitting these places...

We posed by the Eric Morcambe statue and explained to some Canadians who he was (and got them to pose in front of it too!)

It was nice to get away from the football (one can O.D on it) and we found a pub of lesbians - who didn't seem to mind us being there...

Chish and fips by the sea is compulsory while one scans the horizon for drowning cockle pickers...

Urban splash is developing the Midland Hotel there - very art deco - But it overlooks a real shabby fairground..... Not even tacky, just drab....

Had my first session of reflexology this week..... Very relaxing... I need it with the busy weeks ahead - just a few days now til the award ceremony...

MUSIC: BWO, Vampire Weekend, Army of Lovers.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Goodison lark!

Hello People,

Busy week in Mark-ville...Although a lot of it escaped me probably.

Last weekend went back to Staffs for a friend's birthday and it took me four hours to get 80 miles.... Utter nightmare....

Of course by the time I got there I was playing catch-up - hence the two days of feeling crap afterwards!

On Sunday I went to the Everton v Villa game at Goodison - Amazing to hear so many Villa fans chanting 'we pay your benefits' to the Scousers - always amusing.

We were so wet and cold the away fans let me and my friend Rob into the Everton Supporters Club for a drink beforehand.

I was parked SO FAR away from the ground - I was knackered as well by the time I got back to the car - which was still there!

Been in the Widnes Weekly News CLICK and The World CLICK ON ME this week. Media whoring eh?

Been starting to feel a little bit better after my blip - But got to re-start my new nebs this week - so thing may go downhill...

Been swimming/walking a couple of times but back to my old times - very depressing. But am going ot the gym tonight again before the election count...

L8r shakers - much pixie love to one and all! xx

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