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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bagpipes and windbags

Hello Blogettes,

Well its been a hectic one as uusal, which has taken in three Villa games (including the FA Cup semi at Wembley - a snow-fuelled wedding in the north of Scotland and several curries....

I won my fight against a pay cut at work - which is the least I expected..... Which at least means I am on a permanent contract now after three years (although for legal purposes I am anyway!)

It was a hard fight (with little help from the union I may add over Job Evaluation) - and means I can now get mortgage protection insurance if I want it (hmmmm)....

Mandy' s wedding on Easter Saturday was great. A traditional Scottish affair in Hopeman (30 miles north of Inverness) which started with a beach party, in snowy Scotland (I know, I know!)

The hotel was well past its sell by date where I stayed but the event itself was fantastic - traditional papers (I thought the definition of a Scottish Gentlewoman was someone who CAN play the bagpipes, but chooses not to - apparently not!)

Ten hours to get there and eleven hours to get back - and finding a parking ticket on my return to Warrington though... Bah!

With a 450 miles round trip to Wembley the next weekend and a train trip to Newcastle for my outpatients the next Monday - I have done my fair share of time on the road this month...

Professor Corris in Newcastle is putting me on either one or two trials (on either inhaled cyclosporin or infliximob. As I am desperate to improve my lung capacity..

Stil between 20 and 25 per cent means more bad days than good and the slight cold can leave me breathless just walkiing to the door (although on good days I can go to the gym, swim and play table tennis) - So am eaher to try anything - however un-tested to improve...

I made this clear and I thin they at last understand my frustation. My FEV1 and FVC were both up this time (but only by a tiny amount and I am still recovering from January's virus!)

Must get fit for European Games in Sweden and British Games in Bath - Bring them on!

Snuggles and sparkles xxxxx