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Friday, October 15, 2010

Amsterdamning and Liiverpool

Hello Bloggettes, Went for my check up at Liverpool and lung capacity increased to 25 per cent - stragnely it is always a couple of percentage lower in Liverpool than Newcastle - but it was even up here on last time... Back of the net...

They did fail to get any blood out of me for my M.O.T though... Their loss!

Ihad a trainee nurse following me around, which I didn't mind, because she was hot. Its hard to make small talk when you are being prodded, poked, blowing into machines and being pricked by needles though..

The new doctor assumed I couldn't do any kind of sport with my low capacity. It just goes to show what application can do..

A former fellow athlete at the Transplant Games has twice my lung capacity (almost) and is on oxygen 10 hours a day.....

It shows daily swims, gyms or table tennis sessions work for me....

On a lighter note - I booked a flight to Amsterdam today! Whoop whoop xx

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Friday, October 08, 2010

At a social media conference in Walsall

hyperwm 5

Friday, October 01, 2010

Dodgin Grinderman...

Hello Bloggers, Busy time in Mark-ville.. Nightmare night out in Manchester on Friday followed by cool weekend with Sarah around Widnes (including a steam fayre) - yes we went on dodgems.

Enjoyed great Grinderman gig on Wednesday in Manchester - despite parking at the back of a maze that is the university. I think it is the tenth time I have seen Mr Cave now...

Well - back to work o clock