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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ups and downs and Nick Clegg

Hello Blogettes - Well it has been an up and down few weeks. I had a great 'Dead Celebrity' party (Dead Famous) at The Stobart Stadium, Widnes... It was good to catch up with friends old and new.

The next day I saw Erasure in Wolverhampton - on my 40th itself...

Then I followed the torn ligaments in my ankle I got tendonitus - which put my recovery back a few weeks again.. I hope to go back to spin class next week..

My cold meant my lung fuction was down at Newcastle when I went for my check up. But because there is a reason they are not concerned.. It is still between the 20 and 25 per cent mark.

I have been back to Cannock Wood twice in two weeks (having not been back to my home village for months) and will be back at Xmas - strange how these thing happen.

Very tired these cold winter nights..

I was with Nick Clegg yesterday - we have generated more than 80 mentions of his trip so far in the media. In fact last month we got more than 250 media mentions for Halton Borough Council -not bad for a team of two!

A bientot xx

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