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Monday, April 04, 2011

Hyper me

Hello Bloggettes,

Well it has been a few manic weeked again which has seen me criss cross the coutnry in my weekends - ordering a new bedroom, going down south and even the odd drink.

I have filled in my transplant games forms for Belfast - but have a dilemna. I am doing table tennis, javelin and ball throw - but fancy another event.

As regular readers will know that I have a lung capacity of 20 to 25 per cent so can't run - but am thining to try and do the 400m... I wonder if I could jog for 400m.

The problem is I have to decide asap. The forms have to be in in a couple of days.

Work is busy as usual - the cuts have made my life busier but I have a new girl here to help me which is good...

In other news - I went on a gay night out in Chester - I was the only straight there I think. Gosh those gays can drink... 4am we were still going...

Viva La Difference! x