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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Transplant games

Hello folks,

First news - I have been nominated and shortlisted for a Breathing Life award - posh televised do - night for me and two friends at a top London hotel, food, travel the lot!

There are always loadsa celebs there - They want to do a film of me to show at the event! Bring it on... Now who take along - You had better all be nice to me now!

On the social front Easter was busy and fun. I met Jo.H for a balti in Wolverhampton and we spent three-and-a-half h0urs in there - and weren't even drinking

On Saturday after gym and standing in goals for the 5-a-siders (ciders) I met up with Caroline in Stoke and we ate and then saw 'The Other Boleyn Girl' - great film...

Sunday was spend chilling and drinking in the Park Gate while on Monday I went to the gym in Cannock before heading back to Widnes...

I hadn't really unpacked since my holiday so was up til late just sorting stuff out..

Health-wise I am doing ok at the moment - I am going to the gym or swimming daily now and today played table tennis as well..

I am considering entering the Transplant Games in the summer - in table tennis and may be volleyball (if Newcastle has a team)

Gig news - Booked Carter USM, Linkin Park and Jay-Z
Music listened to: Nick Cave, Mika, Sylvester, Nomi

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock-Kay-Roll in Anglesey

Hello there,

Lots been going on and many apologies for not being in touch! Kay and I did our week-long big adventure - a week in a cottage in Anglesey...

We chose the worst possible week weather-wise but we found plenty to do...drinking mostly! We had a goth night, a posh night, treat days and an afternoon at a health spa - v.relaxing..

5am was vodka o'clock and Mika and the soundtrack to Juno was never far from the stereo
The cottage has its own hot tub and sauna - but we only used it once. Too much other stuff to do!

Betws-y-Coed was enjoyed, Snowdon seen and Bangor Tesco raided! We acted like 'big rock stars' drinking Champagne and falling over doing silly dance moves...

But now its all over.... :(

Got back and drowned my sorrows at the We Will Rock You 'after show do' at Eddie's.... Walked home at 4am - There went that weekend!